What we do

Conclusio is passionate about clinical innovation and developing impactful relationships across pharmacy, health, care and the patient interface across the wider health and social care supply chain.

We pride ourselves on: 

  • the relationships we build with our clients
  • our innovative intelligent targeting approach
  • knowing the market you represent
  • our patient and public engagement expertise


A panel of market leading consultants  who bring expertise in delivering transformative approaches within health and social care systems; service provision and clinical pathway modelling; supply chain efficiencies; industry engagement; health economics and analytics, programme and project management and communication and public relations.   Such a comprehensive approach is critical in a changing NHS


Getting in the room and a seat at the table - Conclusio understand the landscape because it’s one in which we operate daily, knowing well what works for health systems and knowing who’s who in the decision-making dynamic.


We work with key stakeholders within health and social care systems and have a working knowledge of the pressures and challenges each face as they play into a mixed health and social care economy. We share in those challenges and, through our shared experience, we can help support creating the right balance between the clinical, corporate and commercial tensions that operate within modern healthcare systems. This puts Conclusio in the right place to influence how transformation and change is enabled and transacted.

Delivery at scale

We work at both strategic and tactical levels, using data and insight to operationalise programmes and deliver better outcomes. Using approaches that define incentives, risks and rewards and identify shared responsibility, we are able to support our partners to navigate change in a scaleable way.  We have worked with:

-       Entire health and care systems

-       Individual NHS Organisations

-       National Bodies

-       GPs

-       Community Pharmacists

-       Nursing and Residential Homes

-       Digital and technology companies

-       Global Pharma

-       SME Pharma

-       Trade Groups

-       AHSNs

-       Universities

-       Hospices

-       Social enterprises

-       Voluntary sector organisations

-       Patient Groups

-       Care Sector

-       Governments ( China, UK and Finland)


We create platforms on which to evidence product/service value with national and local policy and decision makers. We work with our clients to turn pitch into partnership and create a framework for delivering products and services through access to circa 5500 healthcare facilities and 1.6 million patient interactions per day nationally through our aligned contacts.