How we do it

Working in partnership

We place ourselves at the centre of the health and social care sector, working with business partners at the forefront of transformation and change agendas

Within health, we are supporting organisations engaged in integrated care systems, primary care networks, pharma, community health and social care.

Understanding health systems is a core discipline at Conclusio and all our associates are experienced in the decision making landscape. This means that we can advise at the optimal level.  

We can assist with:

  • Investment led priorities and outcome setting
  • Incentivising innovation and diffusion  
  • Service development and co-design of pathways
  • Financial efficiency
  • Evidence based protocols
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Demand management
  • Clinical, professional and public engagement

Intelligent Targeting

Intelligent Targeting describes the analysis and presentation of information that gives newfound opportunities to target scarce resource to maximise the benefit for the intended beneficiary and ensure the envisaged return is realised in the most efficient way. This could be improved outcomes for the local population or savings to a commissioning organisation. It’s not just about smarter analysis and presentation but about maximising the value of the vast array of data which is available through effective insight.  It’s not just data; behind all transactions is a personal element, our understanding of the NHS underpins our approach which builds flexibility and trust. We are always listening, questioning and developing together to identify new opportunities and problems to solve. It’s the smarter way to use data to use Information to focus your priorities and intelligently target to maximise the opportunity and benefits.

Clinical Transformation and Service Planning

The NHS Long term Plan (LTP) sets out the large-scale ambition for the nation’s health over the next ten years. It articulates a system that focuses on what matters most, provides high quality services that improve patient outcomes, reduces health inequalities and eases pressure on NHS staff and the systems in which they work.

 It seeks to innovate and transform how health care is designed and delivered. One of its key aims is to dismantle the many ‘walls’ between health sectors that have self-assembled through outdated and out-moded conventions, professional relationships and process focused not patient centred practises.

Conclusio applauds these ambitions and is working with a range of business partners to help them achieve maximum play-in to this new way of operating. The LTP prescribes the development of a new relationship between commissioners and providers, practitioners and patients; one based on shared responsibility, the development of integrated systems and the use of new technologies.

Above all, the central tenet of the LTP is joint working. The public perception of the NHS is that it is one entity, the experience of patients is often very different. There are too many doors to go through, numerous over-lapping professional inputs and a confusing array of performance management and reporting mechanisms. Building transformational approaches and schemes with this as the foundation of clinical innovation and service reconfiguration is a challenge.

Conclusio brings together partners within healthcare systems to collaborate on co-design and establish protocols for joint working. The aim is to promote a joint enterprise that tackles variation , increases efficiency and ensures patients receive the right care first time, every time.