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  • Johnny Skillicorn-Aston, Director of Engagement and communication, Conclusio

     A recent roundtable event attended by academics, nutrition experts and health and industry leaders brought into sharp focus the issue of malnutrition and its consequences for health and wellbeing.

    Meeting at St Anne’s College, Oxford at the end of October, the panels focus was the recent report ‘Feeding Better Outcomes’ authored by James Roach of Conclusio and sponsored by the British Specialist Nutrition Association. The report has at its core a 10-point plan, calling for action and a new integrated health and care service framework for malnutrition. 


Ethical Medicines Industry Group - 11 November 2019

James Roach speaking to EMIG today and says ' 'The time couldn't be better for NHS and industry partnerships; but effective partnerships need co-ownership of the challenge and equity across risks and benefits.'


HSJ Awards 6 November - 

James Roach part of the judging panel and presenting award 


Driving Forward Market Access in the new NHS Environment. Mtech Access.  25th September 2019. 
James Roach presented on Engaging with Impact: Market Access and the new NHS.

Video at

HSJ Life Sciences Forum - June 2019

James Roach speaking as a part of the panel

James Roach speaking at the Westminster Health Forum on Biosimilars, 16th July 2019.

Westminster Health forumjpg