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Johnny Skillicorn-Aston and James Roach argue that partnership working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry must now engage patients

In specialised medicines, we have witnessed a step change in the care of patients living with highly active relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS).  Across specialised commissioning, there now appears to be a real appetite for medicines innovation and optimisation that will contribute to the transformation and savings that the NHS wants to achieve as part of the LTP.  As NHS England Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Simons Stevens said: ‘Preparations are underway to make sure the NHS can adopt the next generation of treatments.

The important role community pharmacists can play as a source of initial advice and ongoing help in the management of heartburn and indigestion is one that is recognised by NICE and appreciated by customersOpportunity knocks for OTC Omeprazole. The OTC launch of Pyrocalm Control Omeprazole 20mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets offers an opportunity for pharmacists to both promote self-care and reduce prescribing  

James Roach, in his NHS role,  looks at the future for biosimilar medicines, surveys a future landscape where medicines management will be performed at ICS level, and suggests that pharma can be a crucial player in NHS transformation

James Roach and Johnny Skillicorn-Aston, Conclusio
January 2020

Driving innovation in a modern NHS - What is pharma’s role and what does it mean for patients? Pharmafield

James Roach and Johnny Skillicorn-Aston, Conclusio 

December 2019

Let’s seize the opportunity to change the dynamic. Pharmacy needs to push the case for a change in the point of patient interaction and so help manage access pressures. Pharmacy Magazine -

Johnny Skillicorn-Aston, Director of Engagement and communication, Conclusio

October 2019

A recent roundtable event attended by academics, nutrition experts and health and industry leaders brought into sharp focus the issue of malnutrition and its consequences for health and wellbeing. 

From elsewhere - Amanda Barrell writing in PharmaPhorum

A move towards integrated care systems (ICS), complete with new primary care roles, and a greater focus on public health is shaking the healthcare system to its core. But what does this mean for industry?

Mike Proctor, recently retired chief executive of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, quoted in the articles "Iindustry could become a crucial part of this new world – but routes to success vary across the country." 
He advised delegates to adopt a flexible, regional approach, be prepared to move from national to local priorities, and to build relationships with the new decision makers.
“There is a dream of a truly integrated social care, primary care, secondary care and mental health care. We do believe this is the right thing to do but the bottom line is there is no one size to fit all,” he said, adding that the only unifying factor was reducing hospital admissions. Don’t sell boxes, sell solutions. Develop products that keep people out of hospital – that is key. If you can find ways to keep people out of hospital and you can support that in some way, the door is open,”


Ethical Medicines Industry Group - 11 November 2019

James Roach speaking to EMIG today and says ' 'The time couldn't be better for NHS and industry partnerships; but effective partnerships need co-ownership of the challenge and equity across risks and benefits.'


HSJ Awards 6 November - 

James Roach part of the judging panel and presenting award 


Driving Forward Market Access in the new NHS Environment. Mtech Access.  25th September 2019. 
James Roach presented on Engaging with Impact: Market Access and the new NHS.

Video at

HSJ Life Sciences Forum - June 2019

James Roach speaking as a part of the panel

James Roach speaking at the Westminster Health Forum on Biosimilars, 16th July 2019.

Westminster Health forumjpg